We shape careers and build up teams,
so you can hit the ground running.

Contingent Labor

Find the right talent, at
exactly the right time.

Direct Hiring

Elevate your
workforce strategy.

We power our clients’ missions by purposefully nurturing an expansive network of diverse talent sources in a people-first team environment.

MSP Partnership

We can help you to more than just manage. We’ll help you thrive.

SoW Employment

Tailor your staff to perfectly fit your mission.

Payroll Services

Run your payroll like

Women in
leadership roles
0 %
Roles filled in
the U.S. (2023)
0 +
0 %

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The PI Team doesn’t just encourage diversity – we embody it in our own teams, and celebrate its rich impacts on our clients’ projects and missions.

Are you at a crossroads on your career journey?
We can run the race better, together.

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