Meet the Leadership Team

Executive Board of Directors

Prathiba Ramadoss

CEO & Founder

Selva Jayaraman

COO & Co-Founder

Finance & Operations

Padma Shinde



Ravi Singh

VP Client Services

Nikhil Goyal

VP Delivery & Client Relations

Business Development

Piyush Puri

Business Development

“We are building our ability to compete fiercely by catering to the most demanding and complex challenges, and by providing top quality services – all while keeping our clients and employees happy. That is the key to our success.”


Partner with us!

Building on years of relationships and partnerships that have been developing since 2001, in connection with our sister-company, Business Integra (BI), our Pl enterprise network of talent opens up the possibilities for how your organization can tap into our services. And of course, that means that there are several avenues for employment as well, within the corporate team or our talent community.

Are you at a crossroads on your career journey?
We can run the race better, together.

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